The Best Grilled Cheese in the WHOLE World

Yes, this is a lofty claim.  “The best in the world” in any category is something worth talking about. As for the aforementioned grilled cheese, this isn’t a self proclaimed title – it was bestowed by my niece and nephews over a pool side lunch in Arizona. The little darlings gobbled up sandwiches as fast as I could make them.  I attributed some of the recipe’s great reviews to their healthy appetites having spent the morning swimming, running, jumping and playing hard.  With a meal invented that day with whatever I had on hand, I was honoured with the praise “Aunt Jacqui, these are the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the whole world”.

So what’s the secret? Leftovers. Leftover marinated grilled flank steak to be precise! Now every time we have flank steak I’m pretty sure I’ll be making my special grilled cheese sammys in the days following.

The recipe:

  • Slice leftover flank steam very thin (across the grain and almost shaved).
  • Slice old cheddar (white or yellow) into thin slices (or any cheese you like)

  • Put layer of cheese and layer of meat between two slices of soft crusted bread (kids’ bread or a soft sliced whole wheat – again whatever you like)



  • Press down on bread to slightly squish (don’t know why – it just seems to brown more evenly in the next steps)
  • Butter outside of sammy and put in a pre-heated non-stick skillet (med-high heat)



  • When first side is golden, turn over and brown other side

  • Slice on the diagonal and serve (ok – doesn’t matter how you slice it…. just be prepared to make more because they’re going to disappear)

Now that you know the secrets…. you too can make the BEST grilled cheese in the WHOLE world!

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2 Responses to The Best Grilled Cheese in the WHOLE World

  1. Kitchen Duet says:

    Yummy….Yummy….Yummy is all I can say!

  2. mikstidbits says:

    Yummy, loove grilled cheese

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