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Something Saucy for Your BBQ

I can’t take credit for this recipe entirely, it started with inspiration from  But since I’ve added, changed proportions, and substituted more than half the original ingredients I guess I can safely call it my own recipe. It’s sweet, … Continue reading

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The Best Meringue I Ever Invented

I must confess – this is the first and only meringue cookie I’ve ever invented but they turned out so yummy that I’m thinking I might have to experiment some more! I researched a lot of recipes before deciding to … Continue reading

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Nonna’s Pizza Dough

Yes, I’m about to divulge a family secret… my Nonna’s pizza dough recipe.  This recipe is very special in that it required some persistence to acquire. Nonna didn’t use recipes.  When asked how to make something, her instructions invariably included … Continue reading

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Rapini is yummy!

I was pleasantly surprised to find a big bag of rapini at Costco so I couldn’t resist. Tonight its rapini sauteed with pancetta and garlic for a yummy side to perk up some leftover roast chicken. I could have thrown … Continue reading

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The Best Grilled Cheese in the WHOLE World

Yes, this is a lofty claim.  “The best in the world” in any category is something worth talking about. As for the aforementioned grilled cheese, this isn’t a self proclaimed title – it was bestowed by my niece and nephews … Continue reading

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Making Osso Buco Tonight

My kind of slow cooked dish is Osso Buco. Long before this peasant dish appeared on restaurant menus, my Nonna made us osso buco. I can remember being quite happy to get the marrow from my sister’s cast off bone … Continue reading

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Panettone – I made it!

What is the go to hostess gift around our house?  Panettone.  We almost always have a few on standby should we get invited to an open house, or have someone drop in unexpectedly bearing gifts.  Each year I secretly hope … Continue reading

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