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Something Saucy for Your BBQ

I can’t take credit for this recipe entirely, it started with inspiration from  But since I’ve added, changed proportions, and substituted more than half the original ingredients I guess I can safely call it my own recipe. It’s sweet, … Continue reading

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Rapini is yummy!

I was pleasantly surprised to find a big bag of rapini at Costco so I couldn’t resist. Tonight its rapini sauteed with pancetta and garlic for a yummy side to perk up some leftover roast chicken. I could have thrown … Continue reading

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The Best Grilled Cheese in the WHOLE World

Yes, this is a lofty claim.  “The best in the world” in any category is something worth talking about. As for the aforementioned grilled cheese, this isn’t a self proclaimed title – it was bestowed by my niece and nephews … Continue reading

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Making Osso Buco Tonight

My kind of slow cooked dish is Osso Buco. Long before this peasant dish appeared on restaurant menus, my Nonna made us osso buco. I can remember being quite happy to get the marrow from my sister’s cast off bone … Continue reading

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New Convection Microwave – Experiment 1

I’m sure it must be more efficient to heat the small space of the microwave than a full sized oven so I thought trying out baked potatoes in our new convection microwave would be a good start. I set the … Continue reading

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Pineapple upside down takes the cake.

Baking is not my strong suit so when asked to bring dessert to “games night” at friends I strongly considered leaving it to the professionals. However, since I’ve been trying so hard to stick to a pretty healthy eating plan, … Continue reading

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